Brown Marmorated Stink Bug


PHOTO: Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs 1) Adult (above) and 2) Nymph (below).  (Photo credit: Stephen Ausmus, USDA-ARS)

(Reprinted from  Brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB) is our newest pest of concern for Ontario agriculture and it is also a threat to our Ontario landscapes. This invasive insect is a sucking insect pest that feeds on twigs, leaves and fruit leaving them severely distorted, discoloured with localized tissue death.  This pest has a very wide host range including fruit crops (apples, peaches), ornamental trees and shrubs and also field crops (corn, soybean).

Though we have not detected it yet on any of its crop hosts, we have confirmed it has established breeding populations here in Ontario… and is successfully overwintering in homes in Hamilton, Toronto, Newboro and most recently Windsor.  It is likely overwintering in other urban centres but has not been confirmed yet.

In the next few weeks, BMSB will be moving out of their overwintering sites and moving onto their host plants. BMSB has a countless number of host plants to choose from. Early in the season they will move to ornamental host plants like buckthorn, tree of heaven and English holly.  They may then turn to fruit and veg crops early to mid summer before finally moving into field crops.  Field crops at risk include corn, soybeans and edible beans but these crops will likely to be most at risk once they are in their reproductive stages (ie when there is an ear or pod).  Malathion 85E, Lannate Toss ‘n Go, Actara 25W and Clutch 50 WDG have been registered to help growers manage this pest when and if it does show up in their crops.

We have put together a flyer to help with identification, as there are some  other insects that may be confused for BMSB:

English – BMSB-flyer                  French – BMSB-flyer

This flyer will also be included in the next edition of Landscape Ontario magazine.

If you think you have found BMSB, call the Agriculture Information Contact Centre at 1-877-424-1300 or send an email to  Also visit our BMSB website at:\stinkbug for additional photos, infosheets, ID postcards and potential management options.

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