BugFinder is here!


It’s finally here! BugFinder, the ultimate scouting app for woody plants in the nursery and landscape. 


Dave Cheung and I are thrilled to announce that our new app, BugFinder, is now available for download at the Apple App Store.  AND, its a free download!!!

BugFinder will help you detect and manage insect pests on trees and shrubs in Ontario, rapidly and with a high level of certainty. BugFinder was specially designed for Ontario horticulturalists that produce or maintain woody ornamentals, with visual learning styles in mind.


The App is searchable by host or by pest. What really sets BugFinder apart from other IPM resources is that is also uses the concept of time (Growing Degree Days (GDD) and Plant Phenology Indicators (PPI)) in the database searches.


BugFinder will automatically put you in the GDD/PPI time range according to the date on your device.  Users can then use the temperature icons to fine tune the time range according to flowering and fruiting of common plant phenology indicators in your area.

This means that BugFinder will provide you with information that is customized to your situation.


At launch, BugFinder will feature over 800 high quality images of 82 species of insect and mite pests. It is the diagnostic, high quality photos that will make BugFinder so easy to use.

And for all of you Android users out there, Dave will be developing the Android version of BugFinder for release later this year.

BugFinder was 100% funded by Growing Forward 2, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative.


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