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Late Spring IPM for Landscape and Nursery

Foliar diseases such as Anthracnose can be seen on deciduous trees in the landscape, especially on maple, ash and oak.  The fungus infects leaf tissue as it is emerging, especially during cool, wet springs.  Fungal infection causes some distortion and … Continue reading

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Boxwood Leafminer Adults Are Flying Where Black Locusts are in Flower Bud!

Boxwoods in the landscape not looking so good?  Are you seeing a lot of yellow-brown spots on leaves?

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NOW IS THE TIME to Treat for Box Tree Moth Larvae in Toronto

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BANNER Year For Gypsy Moth Larvae!

First instar Gypsy moth (Lymantria dispar) larvae have hatched and are dispersing! Larvae produce silken threads and take a ride in the wind in hopes of landing on other delicious botanical hosts.

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The Monday Report: May 25, 2020

We can still see the remains of low temperature injury from a couple of weeks ago.  Not to worry, the next set of leaves will cover up the desiccated leaves and stems.

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Protect Evergreens Starting As New Growth Emerges

Monitor for needlecast and blight diseases on older foliage where new foliage is emerging on PINE and SPRUCE.

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Here Comes the Warmer Weather!

  What a treat! Several of our sugar maples are blooming this year all over southern Ontario, from Barrie to Niagara, these native beauties are gracing our landscapes with blooms.  Its been 5 years since sugar maples were blooming like this. The cooler weather continues!  Climatologists are predicting that our daytime temperatures will stay moderate until about the […]

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Scout Evergreens Early to Combat Insects & Mites This Week

Look for small, white, woolly tufts or masses on the twigs of hemlock (Tsuga canadensis) (Photos: Julie Holmes, CFIA). It is still a good time to scout for Hemlock Woolly Adelgid (Adelges tsugae) because of the visibility of the white … Continue reading

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Resources To Help You Do Business During Covid-19

Nursery and Floriculture Growers, Landscapers and Retail Garden Centres are all working hard to provide the kind of excellence in service and plant material that Ontarians have come to know and expect.  As more horticultural businesses are opening up, we … Continue reading

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Continue to Protect Apple, Crabapple and Pear from Fireblight and Apple Scab

Fireblight (apple, pear, see above) and Apple Scab (apple) diseases are normally reproducing and spreading this time of year.  This week we are more concerned about Apple Scab.  The cool weather has really reduced the activity of fireblight bacteria and so the risk of fireblight is looking low again this week.    

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