Resources To Help You Do Business During Covid-19

Nursery and Floriculture Growers, Landscapers and Retail Garden Centres are all working hard to provide the kind of excellence in service and plant material that Ontarians have come to know and expect.  As more horticultural businesses are opening up, we thought it would be helpful to review some of the resources that have been developed by industry to keep customers and employees safe.

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Continue to Protect Apple, Crabapple and Pear from Fireblight and Apple Scab


Continue to protect new growth of apple, crabapple and pear before leaf wetness periods – to prevent defoliation and dieback from diseases this spring.   
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New CAP Intake to Help Canadian Growers Develop New Markets

{Re-posted from ONFloriculture blog} The Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) has just announced a new program to help fund agri-food businesses starting e-commerce sales or other activities that might open new market channels.  This targeted intake is called “Agri-food Open for E-business” and can be found on the OMAFRA website.

Read on for more details of the program, who is eligible, and examples of projects ornamental growers can apply for in each of the two program streams. Continue reading

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Resources and Strategies for Mental Wellness in Times of Crisis

container grown junipers

As we advance towards May, the uncertainty around lost sales and contracts, major changes in business operations and social distancing restrictions of isolation have left many of us feeling anxious and frustrated. Stress is nothing new to farmers and other horticultural business owners, but in times of crisis, stress levels can build to new heights causing even the most resilient horticulturalists to struggle. Continue reading

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Fruit Tree Disease Management Begins at Green Tip


Remember this?  This is what apple scab did to many of our older, susceptible crabapple cultivars in 2017.  Disease inoculum can be found on overwintered foliage, waiting. If we get another cool spring with frequent precipitation during leaf emergence periods, we could be heading into another perfect storm for disease.

The way I see it there is only one way to be…..PREPARED.  Continue reading

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Be Prepared: Horticultural Oil App’s Coming Soon!


Some milder temperatures are coming up in the forecast, soon it will be time for dormant horticultural oil applications in many areas of southern Ontario.  Some horticultural pro’s will be starting applications in the extreme southwest region of the province first.   (Photo by:  P. J. Jentsch_Cornell. Susceptible, overwintering nymphs of San Jose scale on Malus, I have also seen it on Prunus x cistena, purple-leaf sandcherry).
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Spring is Springing…Again!

Image result for silver maple flowersThere may still be snow in the bush north of Barrie but at long last, its been mild enough to support bloom on several early flowering plants.  Sunday afternoon was heavenly…for a few hours.  It looks like some milder weather is coming mid-week.  Night time low’s will be at or just above 0C in southern Ontario this week.  (Photo of silver maple flowers: Carl Strang, Nature Inquiries). Continue reading

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Nursery Growers! Your Fall Dinner Meeting is next week Tuesday!

The Landscape Ontario Growers Sector Group is holding its Annual

Fall Dinner Meeting

Tuesday, Nov. 26th

at Piper’s Heath Golf Clubhouse in Milton, ON

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2020 Nursery Grower’s Short Course – Wednesday Feb 5

2020 Nursery Short Course Keynote Speaker: Brian Decker, Decker Nursery

It’s the MOST anticipated EDUCATIONAL and NETWORKING Event of the Year! Continue reading

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Fall Pest Management on Beech and Pear


Close up of colonies of beech scale (Chris Malumphy, The Food and Environment Research Agency,

Introduced Beech scale (Cryptococcus fagisugae) is easier to see this time of year on our native American beech (Fagus grandifolia).  That’s because of the white waxy coverings the females produced to protect their eggs in late summer.  Continue reading

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